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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beastmen Rumor Roundup III

More and more keeps coming in!  We're going to run out of Beast Man pictures!

No Daemon Prince at all.

No marks what so ever, as already mentioned.

Wargors are T5, yes that's a wargor - the hero one. (his stats being 553452438)

Doombull - M6, WS6, BSwhocares?, S6, T5, W5, I5, A5, Ld8, Frenzy, Fear, Bloodgreed (+1 Frenzy if win), D3 Impact hits, and unit gets frenzy if the doombull is (starts frenzied) but doesnt use primal fury

Mutations! - +1 init (cheap), 5+ scaly skin (cheap), armour piercing (cheap), model and unit are stubborn (pricey, but oh so worth it)

4 pages of Items

Minotaurs at mid 50's points wise, same stats as before but 1 less initiative. Option for shields and they do cause 1 impact hit with no min. distance.

Harpies can scout for additional points! (woo)

Magic - Lore of the Wild (7 spells!) 0-6 like the old Tzeentch
0- Bestial Surge - 7+ movement spell, doesn't make you charge though, might be faq'd

1- Viletide - 7+ 5d6 S1 24" magic missles

2 - Devolve, 9+, enemy units within 12" take ld, amount failed = # of wounds with no AS

3 - bray-scream, 10+, one character within 12" makes a breath weapon attack at s3 with no AS (I like this one)

4 - Traitor-kin, 10+, all enemy models within 12" riding a mount of any kind suffer number of attacks = mounts attacks w/ same S. same for monsters & handlers and chariots. no AS bonus for mounted or barding, etc. (Hello Hydras! biggrin.gif )

5 - mantle of ghorok, 13+, friendly character within 6", model gains +d6 S and +d6 S (max 10), if 1 or more 6's rolled, model suffers a wound with no saves of any kind (Interesting one, and can be potentially devastating)

6 - Savage dominion, 16+, 'summon' a giant, gorghon or jabberslythe, place at any point on table edge and move as if returning from pursuing an enemy off the table

Cenitgors can be core from the Warhoof guy (mid 100pts) (who looks bloody terrible IMO), has a Unicorn Helmet, hates Welves and MR2.

Wargors are cheaper than current beastlords by 10pts. Beast lords are around 1 MoN (current book price) more expensive, Doombulls are similarly increased in price.

Gors are same price, however the sheild/AHW costs 1 point.

Unors are 1 point more and come with shield, option for spears. Option for cheap SC upgrade.

Ungor raiders are BS3 and armed with Shortbows, 50% more expensive than currently.

All 3 types can ambush, these are the only ones that can, this includes characters.

That Bestial Roll thing I mentioned before is called Primal Fury, though someone may have covered that

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