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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dark Elf Rank and File Complete

Tonight, I finished my last Corsair, which means I am done painting the rank and file of my Dark Elves.  I started last May, and have finished:

1.  A Lord on Dragon
2.  Three Sorceresses
3.  Three Heroes on Foot
4.  One Cauldron of Blood and Attendants
5.  Two Assassins
6.  Forty Five Spearmen
7.  Twenty Dark Riders
8.  Thirty Crossbowmen
9.  Ten Witch Elves
10.  Fifteen Shades
11.  Fifteen Executioners
12.  Five Cold One Knights
13.  Two Cold One Chariots
14.  Twenty Black Guard
15.  One Hydra
16.  Two Repeater Bolt Throwers

Lets call that around 5,000 points and 182 models.  I'll get an accurate count of what I can stretch it to once the last few models are done.  I have around eight models left, made up of various heroes, as well as a Manticore.  I have a mostly leisurely week and weekend coming up, with work only Monday through Saturday and the whole Sunday off.  I may be able to finish everything by the Beasts release on February 6th, but I won't rush anything.

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