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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kommander Sorscha

What a gorgeous model, and a great centerpiece for the Khadoran army.  I had hoped that my paint job would do her justice, and I think it turned out pretty well.  I'm particularly happy with the metals, and I feel that my face painting is slowly but steadily improving. 

What's more exciting for me is that Sorscha represents as bit of a milestone for me.  She marks the completion of one half of my Khador army, and she also is the final model of the original 500 point army that I picked up for Khador.  Of course, that points system no longer exists, and I'm not sure that that 500 point army is viable in Warmachine Mark II as a force, but it's still something. 


  1. Nice job on a great model. What's next for the Khador?

  2. Vlad, A Kodiak, Marauder, Doom Reavers, Winter Guard, Mechaniks, Greylord Ternion and Koldun Lord, Shocktroopers...makes me tired just to think about it!