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Monday, January 11, 2010

Charlotte Tournament Results

Well, the weekend in Charlotte went well.  Saturday was a one day regular RTT tournament.  Our Durham group performed well, with (I believe) all six of us in the top half of the 18 people there.  I took first, with Lon Sims taking second.  I'll get the full standings up if and when they go out. 

On Sunday, we had the NC Winter League Championship tournament, with 18 people attending.  Four of the top five spots went to Durham players.  Congratulations to Ian Holland and his VC for taking first, and Chad Hoggan and his Brets for taking second.  I took third. 

Both tournaments were a blast, and I look forward to travelling down to Charlotte again . Parker Banner Kent and Wayne is a great store, and the Charlotte folks were nothing but friendly.  My six games over two days were a blast, and meeting some new players from around the state was awesome!  I look forward to them coming up for some tournament action up here in Durham. 


  1. Congrats on the good finishes - can we expect and bat reps?

  2. I didn't actually take notes, and because of the sheer amount of games, I don't really have a good mental map of how they went. I'll get my list up tomorrow with some discussion.

  3. Curse Ben (Day 1 draw thanks to my fortunate cannon shots, though big battle points for Ben) and Ian (Day 2 loss, seriously outplayed me) for the only blemishes on my record! Seriously, congratulations to all you guys. You have a talented, fun group and we had a blast. We hope to see you again soon, maybe at your place next time!