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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grail Quest Scenario One: Cleaning Up The Streets

The Syndicates are supporting themselves through the smuggling of Korcane, a powerful and deadly drug made from ground snotling droppings.  The incursion of your armies into Losangles has scattered the Syndicates shipments, and now your must gather it up for yourself, whether to destroy it or to put it to use in more nefarious ways.  However, the Syndicates have sent their own man to protect their shipments

Deployment:  Battleline

Four pips of Korcane have been placed on a line across the center of the table.  In addition, Gary Busey is in the center of the table.  Each pip of Korcane can be picked up by any unit moving over it. 

Gary Busey – Before each player’s movement phase begins, the Gary Busey phase should take place.  He is here to protect the Korcane, but in true Busey fashion has sampled quite a bit of it himself, making him a bit unpredictable.   Gary Busey has the following statline and special rules:

M- Random, WS – 7, BS – 0, S – 6, T – 5, I – 7, W – 2, A-3, Ld – 7.   Hatred and Unbreakable.

In the Gary Busey phase, roll a scatter dice and move Gary 2d6 in the direction indicated.  If he comes into contact with a unit, he counts as charging that unit.  

Korcane – Before each player’s movement phase, but after the Gary Busey phase, roll a d6 for each of the players’ units that are carrying a Korcane pip.  This represents the effects of the dangerous fumes coming off the Korcane.  Use the following results for the unit that turn.
1.       Overdose! – The unit takes d6 wounds with no armor saves allowed.
2.      Safe – Nothing happens.
3.      Safe – Nothing happens.
4.      Zip! Zip! – The unit gains +3 initiative and take d3 wounds with no armor saves allowed.
5.      Pretty Colors – The army gains +1 power or dispel dice this turn and the unit takes d3 wounds with no armor saves allowed.
6.      ZOOM! – The unit gains +d6 movement for its next march or charge, and takes d3 wounds with no armor saves allowed. 

Scoring:  Each Korcane pip carried by one of your units at the end of the game is worth 100 VP.  In addition, the army that slays Gary Busey gains 150 VP.  

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