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Friday, January 6, 2012

Grail Quest Scenario Two: Diplomatic Immunity!

Scenario Two:  Diplomatic Immunity!

The Syndicates have taken hostages, and its your chance to rescue them (or take them for your own). 

Deployment:  Meeting Engagement

The hostages are being held in the two towers/buildings on the board.  These should be treated as normal Warhammer buildings, except due to the screams of the hostages units holding the building cannot take advantage of the stubborn/steadfast bonus that buildings usually provide.  They can, however, count their rank bonus as if the surviving models were deployed in a five-wide (three-wide for Monstrous Infantry/Cavalry/Bretonnians) formation for the purposes of rank bonus and being steadfast.

Diplomatic Immunity:  Each Player is provided with a marked card that can either be used for the powers “Diplomatic Immunity!” or “It’s Been Revoked!”  Once the card has been used for either “Diplomatic Immunity!” or “It’s Been Revoked!”, the card is discarded and cannot be used again.  By playing “Diplomatic Immunity!”, a player can cause one of his or her units to become immune to shooting for one turn.  By playing “It’s Been Revoked!”, a player can cancel another player’s “Diplomatic Immunity!” card.  

Scoring:  Each building a player controls at the end of the game is worth 100 victory points to the controlling player.  In addition, the first player to “break” the other player’s fortitude as per the Blood and Glory fortitude rules gains an additional 300 points. 

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