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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grail Quest Introduction Fluff

On Thursday, Friday, and next Monday, I'll be putting the three Grail Quest scenarios that we'll be using at the tournament up here and on the Sci Fi Genre forums for people to peruse and/or practice before the tournament in February.  Before I do so, here's the background fluff to show where we're working from:

The criminal syndicates of the Warhammer world have gathered in the Border Princes, taking over the city of Losangles for their own nefarious purposes.  Whether youre here to bring the villains to justice, take over their place in the underworld, or just find a bit of a scrap, youll be fighting your competitors as you battle your way into and through Losangles.  Will it turn out that youre getting too old for this stuff, or can you turn your army into a truly LETHAL WEAPON?

Scoring this year is based on how many Victory Points you kill off your opponent’s army, including the standard bonuses for banners, etc.  In addition, additional victory points can be earned in each scenario through achieving certain objectives.  

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