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Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Update: January 9th, 2012

A short weekend, but a good one.  I got a few things done.

*  The miniatures I got/had for my Pathfinder game I'm running next week are all painted.  I'm bringing five premade level ones:  a wizard, a cleric, a fighter, a rogue, and a ranger.  I'm really looking forward to this, and will be tweaking the adventure all week in preparation.

*  I played in a fourteen person Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Sci Fi Genre, and came in a round the middle of the pack with a minor loss, a draw, and a massacre.  I ran both the Jabberslythe and Ghorgon, and realized that I've got to stop mucking around with all the big monsters if I want to return to form.  The Ghorgon never saw combat in any of the three games, simply evaporating to shooting and magic, and the Jabber, while amusing, could have had his place taken by a Razorgor for two hundred and twenty fewer points.  They are fun, in theory.  In practice, they really hurt compared to other options.  They'll end up as good unit fillers until the new Beastman book.

*  As you can see from previous posts, the Scenarios for Grail Quest are all written.  White glass pips to represent the Korcain are on order, and I'll have to see about how to best represent Gary Busey on the table. 

So yeah, not a bad weekend at all. 

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