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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Jabberslythe, Where Art Thou?

He's a painted Jabberslythe, and he's been out on the town.  The trick was to get the reddish orange hair in, and the leathery purple wings, so as to match him to the rest of my Beastmen. 

On the battlefield, he's done his Jabbery best.  I played him in a tournament a couple weeks ago, and he took out a group of Empire Light mages in game one, and then killed a High Elf Level Four in the second game.  He's not super tough, but his mobility is very nice in getting around the board and into areas your opponent doesn't want. 

Still, I'm not sure he does much that couldn't be done by a Razorgor at one fifth of the cost, so you'll probably see him in my army, but as a nice Gor unit filler like in the picture above. 

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