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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekend Update: Happy New Year Edition!

 Ah, a short vacation away from work and such, as it turns out, is pretty darn good for some hobby.  I had a short trip down to Florida (where there was no hobby) to recharge the batteries and visit family, and when I got back, it was time to sit down and crank out some hobby goodness.  So here's what I've done.

- I got the Pathfinder Beginner Box and Core Rulebook for Christmas.  I've been reading through the rules and the starter set, and am going to be running a short game on the 14th.  I've broken out some old miniatures for that purpose, and also found a warrior priest model to be a cleric and purchased a wizard model.  These will need to be painted up relatively soon.

-  I painted all twenty-four of the Dryads I had on the table.  They're all based and ready to go, although I can't hit them with a varnish yet as it's too cold outside (high of 34 degrees Fahrenheit today).

-  The Jabberslythe is painted and based as well.  What a monster, and what a pleasure to paint!  The detail on the Jabber is incredible.  I put him in my Beastmen list, along with a Ghorgon, for this evening.  

-  Assembled the Ghorgon.  When I was putting it together, I thought it was roughly the same size as the Giant, but in comparison it is much, much larger. 

-  The Scenarios and background for Grail Quest are written.  I'm looking forward to February and the fun to be had.  I'll have the scenarios up on this site and the Sci Fi Genre forums this week.  

Yep, it was a ton of hobby, and it was a ton of fun.  I'm hoping to keep up the momentum over the next couple weeks and paint some Treekin, the Ghorgon, and the wizard and warrior priest models.  

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