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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Imperial Fist Terminator Sergeant

One of the side benefits of the hobby, no lie, is that I learned how to properly spell the words sergeant and emperor. Who says this isn't educational? Anyway, after painting around 3,000 points of of Raven Guard last year, I decided to do something challenging and try to do the same with Imperial Fists. So I've been working on that for a bit, trying to master yellows, which can be a bit tricky. For a Librarium Online challenge, I painted this Terminator Sergeant the other day. We'll call him Sergeant Albrecht. I'm not sure where he lost that eye, but he sure looks mad about it. Luckily, he's joining his other nine friends to make a full squad, so whatever he's mad at should probably start moving in the other direction.


  1. I got so tired of typing up lists and having the spell checker tell me I had spelled sergeant wrong that I learned too. Devastator was another one, I always want to spell it 'devestator.'

  2. Oh man, devastator. There's probably a few more too!