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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne WFB Tournament on October 10th - What I'm Taking

So I'm headed down with a few others to participate in a 2,250 points Warhammer Fantasy Tournament in Charlotte, NC. Looks like there will be 16-18 participants, which makes this a small to mid range thing, but it should be a great load of fun. I'll be heading down with Lon (Lizards), Blair (Vampire Counts), Ian (Warriors of Chaos), Charlie (Lizards), and Dallas (Orcs and Goblins). There are a few interesting facets to this particular tournament.

First, although composition won't be score here, I'm not going to go too crazy with my list. I'm not going to play soft, but these seem like a nice group of guys, and Dallas is down there to discuss his North Carolina Master's League idea with them as well. So no Dragon or equivalent nastiness.

I know that the tournament had planned to include painting scores, but for whatever reason will not do so. Regardless, I'm taking a fully painted army, which is what I'm usually sticking to these days.

I'll be running Dark Elves, an army I've been running for about a year. During that time, they've been in ten tournaments, and have had seven first place tournament finishes, two second place finishes, and a third place finish. So not bad, but not quite on par with my Bretonnian record. I've run a dragon off and on depending on tournament environment, but haven't run him at all lately. I also always include a couple Cold One Chariots, simply because I went to the trouble of converting them, and did a pretty nice job of it. The list I'm taking, I've been told, is pretty soft for a Dark Elf list, and should maybe earn a 10+/20 in a situation where composition is scored.

Anyway, the list:

Dreadlord with Executioner's Axe 220

Death Hag with Cauldron of Blood, Rune of Khaine 225

Sorceress with two Dispel Scrolls 150

Assassin with Additional Hand Weapon, Rune of Khaine, Manbane 146

Ten Repeater Crossbowmen 100

Five Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows 110

Five Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows 110

Five Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows 110

Twenty Black Guard with Full Command, Banner of Hag Graef, Ring of Hotek 355

Ten Witch Elves with Hag, Standard Bearer, Rune of Khaine 145

Cold One Chariot 100

Cold One Chariot 100

Hydra 175

Reaper Bolt Thrower 100

Reaper Bolt Thrower 100

Total: 2246

The Kunnin' Plan: Black Guard with Dreadlord goes up the gut with the Witch Elves hanging off to the side (hopefully soaking up some shots) and the Cauldron of Blood behind, blessing a 5+ ward onto the Guard in the early game. Two of the Dark Rider units swoop the sides and harass the opponent's flanks or hunt warmachines, while a third (situational) hangs back and plays sweeper to protect the Bolt Throwers and scroll caddy. The Chariots and Hydra move up a middle-side of the table and provide a heavy threat away from the Black Guard. Pre-game decision is made as to where the Assassin goes.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

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  1. Yeah bringin' the witch elves, nice. I like the list. It will be a little softer I think than what you normally run, but still very effective. Lots of harrassment troops, with the stuff to really punch through what you need to. The dreadlord doesn't have much defense, but he won't need it with ASF and the Axe of "I kill anything". It should be a ton of fun to play with.