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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video Battle Report: Dark Elves v. Lizardmen, 800 Points

Today marks my first foray into the world of video battle reporting. After going down to Charlotte and playing, and then those great video battle reports on Youtube, I really wanted to get into doing the same thing.

This is a test run, so to speak, for the real deal. Right now, we're having small, sub-1000 games at the local store here, and I thought that'd be a good way to work my way up to making real reports. The video is a bit of a mess (camera batteries died halfway through, so the second half is pictured via Iphone) and I kind of hate the sound of my own voice, but hopefully through time I'll make it pretty awesome with time.

Thanks to Chad Hoggan for giving me this idea.


  1. Looked pretty good to me. My biggest problem with video bat reps is usually the narrator doesn't speak very well and there are a lot of 'ums' and 'ahs' to get through, but you didn't really do that and I enjoyed watching the video.

  2. Yeah, it took a few tries, and I still think it sounds like a mess, but I'm going to keep trying to make future ones smoother.

  3. You have a funny voice Tekore *giggles*

    Not bad, I quite like video stuff, but you just sounded bored. =( Look forward to more.

    I also added you blog. How awesome is that?! =P

  4. I think I sound bored all the time, Kuffy. That or mean. Added your blog over here as well!

  5. Great start Ben, I look forward to more

  6. Nice work man. Not bad for a first go around. I especially like the pic of Lon resting his face on the table.