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Monday, October 12, 2009

PBKW Oct. 10th Warhammer Fantasy Tournament - Second Round Battle Report

So I ended the first round with 24 Battle Points. At lunch (At Kanes and Walkers Cafeteria), I learned that Blair's Vampire Counts also had gotten a 24. He looked super excited that we might be playing each other next. Lon ate the largest piece of chocolate pie that I have ever seen, which almost caused me to be late to the second round.

Alas, Blair's dreams were dashed. Instead, I ended up playing Alex and his Tomb Kings. Alex was a very cool guy, especially since I had dashed in and moved my stuff over to our table at the last minute, so my setup was a bit slow. His Tomb Kings went roughly like so:

Tomb King (in Tomb Guard) with ability to move wounds to his unit on 4+
Hierophant (in Skeleton Warriors)
Lich Priest (in Casket)
Lich Priest (in Tomb Guard)
Two Big Blocks of Skeleton Warriors
One Big Block of Tomb Guard
Two Units of Three Chariots
Three Ushtabi

There was very little shooting in the list. Only the Chariots did so. This game will go down in my memory as "The Only Game in which my Witch Elves have ever gone Crazy Go Nuts / Done Much of Anything".

The Scenario was all about killing the opposing general and collecting his head. Your general also had to be alive for bonus points.

As we deployed, I noted the Casket off by itself. I had two scrolls and three dispel dice. I believe Alex chose for me to go first.

Turn One

In my first turn, the whole army moved up as quickly as possible. Dark Riders moved just shy of the Chariot's charge ranges and shot a bit at them. Bolt Throwers managed to take a wound off the Casket Priest. The Hydra started chugging towards the Casket as fast as his little legs would take him. Apparently at this time, my Witch Elves began taking miniature steroids down on the table.

In his turn, he didn't move. He shot all sorts of bound items and spells at me, which I weathered. The 5+ ward on the Black Guard helped a lot. I lost a few, but nothing else significant.

Turn Two

In my turn, one unit of my Dark Riders charged his Chariots on each side. Everything else continued to move up, just out of his charge range. The Hydra ran at the Casket like Lon at a giant piece of pie. Piddly shots were taken, maybe killing a couple of skeletons here or there. In combat, the Dark Rider unit on the Casket side did a few wounds to the Chariots and received no wounds in return. On the other side, his Chariots broke my Dark Riders and chased them down, putting them in great position to charge my third unit of Dark Riders. Whoops!

In his turn, he charged my third unit of Dark Riders, who decided to flee. They ended up in the woods. His Tomb Guard tried to charge my Black Guard, but were just short. My other Dark Riders beat the Casket side Chariots to death. He magicked me some more, and my Hydra withstood some spells. I scrolled the Casket again.

Turn Three

In my turn, my Hydra charged his Casket, my Black Guard charged his Tomb Guard, and my Witch Elves Charged his Ushtabi. My Chariots moved up to get to his Hierophant, but remained out of his charge range. My Dark Riders in the forest rallied. His Casket died, and my Witch Elves killed an Ushtabi and change, only taking two wounds back. My Black Guard wounded his King twice and beat a few skeletons down, losing him ten or so at the end of the day.

In his turn, his Chariots charged my Dark Riders. They held and managed to not run at the end of combat. His Hierophant jumped out of the back of it's skeleton unit. His other skeleton unit moved to help his Tomb Guard, but my Witch Elves killed the remaining Ushtabi. The game at this point became a clean up.

Turn Four and Beyond

There's not too much at this point. Chariots and the Hydra killed off the Casket side Skeletons. The Black Guard slowly and laboriously took the Tomb Guard apart, and the Witch Elves wrecked the Skeletons on their side. The Dark Riders down in the forest randomly managed to kill the Chariots. I took a turn to collect his General's head and then killed off the Hierophant and four remaining skeletons.

Alex was a great guy, playing what was only his second game with Tomb Kings. I really enjoyed playing him, and would do so any time. My Dark Riders were pretty amazing, and were gearing up to do incredible things in the third game. Those Witch Elves....this was their super game where everything went right, apparently.


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