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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Madrak Ironhide

I really enjoy painting Trollbloods. They're monsters, but with a lot of human qualities. I suppose it's why people paint GW's Ogres as well, perhaps. My troll recipe:

1. Paint the skin in Tallarn Flesh.
2. Wash with dark blue.
3. If you're working with a troll unit, stop there to keep the blues light. For a light warbeast, wash again. For a heavy warbeast, wash a third time. Basically, the more monstrous the model, the more "non-pink" I want to make it, removing any "human" qualities and making it something fantastic.
4. Highlight with a mixture of flesh and blue.
5. For "albino" trolls like Madrak and Grim, use mixes of pale flesh and blues to make them pale. I hate the pink albino troll look, and wanted a pale blue instead.

As I approach 1,000 points of painted trolls, Hoarluk will come next. At 1,500, I would imagine I'll work on the rest of them, since I probably won't go any higher.

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