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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Imperial Fists Terminator Librarian

I don't know how everyone else paints, but my process goes a bit like this:

1. Look at primed model for a few days/weeks/months and do nothing.
2. Maybe put a basecoat on.
3. Get a bug up my butt and paint the whole thing in a matter of hours.

That may be a bit simplistic. What I'm trying to get at is that I tend to seize upon models suddenly and paint them very quickly from start to finish. It's not really a planned process, it's more like me sitting down and then just losing track of time until the model (or squad) is done.

For instance, last night I sat down to "just throw some basic colors" on this Terminator Librarian. This was at about nine at night, after a lovely thirteen hour work day. Click, goes my brain, and all of a sudden it's eleven thirty, my back hurts, and the Librarian is done. Ah well, I'm certainly not complaining.

This piece was done for a competition on Librarium Online. The deadline is November 7th. Guess I'll just be the early bird.

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