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Friday, March 12, 2010

Brawler Bash, Game 2

How cool is that picture?

I knew going into the tournament that my list couldn't really handle Tomb Kings.  With the Ring of Hotek being my only real magic defense due to the WPS Comp system, I couldn't keep their magic at bay.  So it was a bit rough to find that (again, due to the WPS system) Tomb Kings were a very popular army at Brawler Bash.  In Round Two, I got a taste of Tomb King goodness.

Travis was a very professional opponent, and I enjoy playing against that kind of game most days.  Very little chatter, rules are known, etc.  I'm more of a gregarious beer and pretzels guy myself, but I hang out with a few people who take the game very seriously, so I'm not unused to it, and in fact I usually learn a thing or two, so I really enjoy that.  Having little experience against Tomb Kings, I learned a volume here.

Travis had a Tomb King and three Liches.  He had the Destroyer of Eternities on the King, and the banner that allows the unit a free reform before moving.  He also brought some Carrion, a Unit of Chariots and Ushtabi, and a couple units of Skeleton Archers. 

The game went, as I figured it would, well for me in most phases, but I was badly dominated in the magic phase, and that was all that mattered.  During the magic phase, he could get into my Excecutioners, ignore my BSB's Always Strike First Ability to kill her, and then run down the unit.  Carrion killed my Bolt Throwers.  Yuck!

During the rest of the game, Travis worked to avoid combat with his units against what I had left.  While I didn't lose anymore, he could use the magic movement to mostly avoid me, tying my Black Guard up with a Bone Giant for a good portion of the game.  I did manage to run down a few skeletons and shoot down some Chariots, but it was too little, and he ended up winning by a four or five hundred points. 

Had I known more about TK, I would have protected the Executioners more while forcing the issue with the Black Guard.  It was extremely difficult to handle the magic phase, but good positioning would have helped.  Hats off to Travis on his big win here.

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