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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ortegas Go 2-0!

You know why I had to pick up the Ortega clan?  They fit in the greatest genre ever:  the post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror fantasy western.  It's what's making them so very delicious.

The other night, we had a chance to take on Tim and his Rasputina box.  Rasputina looks like a female pimp from the 70's, complete with top hat and fur jacket, and has a bunch of ice monstery folk with her.  I was feeling good, because cowboys with guns are not afraid of 70's pimps.  I'm pretty sure on that.

Tim did some interesting things, like raising a bunch of terrain, blocking a lot of my shooting with "White Out" and killing Papa Loco at range (which took Santiago down as well).  I used Nino and Perditia to do what I specialize in, which is moving fast and shooting things in the face.  Even with all her soul stones to protect her, Rasputina went down to Perditia's overwhelming shooting.  Nino picked off the little ice monsters, and in the end, Tim called the game with his big Ice Monster remaining, along with Francisco and Nino.

What I'm liking about the Ortegas is the absolute speed they bring to the table.  They are, to quote my opponent, "immediately up in your grill", and their shooting can be devastating.  Plus, your opponent has to focus on Papa Nino, or he's bringing them some big nasty explosions, which is no good for any kind of bad guy.

So yeah, Malifaux is pretty fun, and a great side game to Warhammer Fantasy.

Bonus! Enjoy the post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror fantasy western goodness!


  1. My store just started carrying this game and I've been looking at the Victorias box. Maybe once my current crop of Khador models are done I'll pick it up.

  2. It's a good time, and the mechanics are a good change up since you use a standard deck of cards instead of dice. I actually picked up the Viktorias the other night in order to run two factions or play bigger games.

  3. Aside from the 35 dollars for the starter box, how much more would I need to spend to get into the game?

  4. Thirty five for The Viktorias box, 30-35 for the book, and you're done. They have themed decks for about seven dollars, but the game can also be played with a standard deck of cards.

  5. I don't think my hobby budget can take a hit like that right now - it is pretty depleted as it is with all of the new Warmachine stuff coming out.

  6. All the new Warmachine stuff is pretty. I picked up the book the other day, and am tempted to pick up Strakhov and the plastic Jack. Have you built the plastic kit yet?

  7. I haven't bought one of the 'jacks. I really want to play with one of the new plastics but I already have a Juggernaut and Destroyer built and painted (that don't see much table time) and I have no interest in the Decimator or the Marauder. It would just be more money spent that I don't have.

    I did get to see the new Ret plastics in action last week. It was weird to have them be so light after I'm used to the heft of metal 'jacks.