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Monday, March 15, 2010

Brawler Bash, Games 3-5

We better get through the rest of Brawler Bash before I forget what the heck happened!

Game Three

So I went into Game Three with one loss and one win.  I played Ray, who was a great opponent, in one of his first tournaments.  He had an Empire army with a couple warmachines, flagellants, a steam tank, and a lot of infantry.  There was one unit of Knights with a Priest.  Unfortunately, that unit got too close to my Chariot and got run down.  His infantry was no match for my infantry, and his big guns couldn't do enough for him.  His Steam Tank spent too much time on the flanks of the army, and didn't get around to doing much until late in the game.  I ended up killing everything else eventually, and took full points in a win.

Game Four

I went into Game Four feeling pretty good, with a chance to come back.  Alas, it was not to be.  I forgot my opponent's name here, but he was a nice guy with a nicely painted green Chaos army.  He used Kroot to convert a lot of the army, which gave it a nice unique feel (including Kroot Archaon!).  Near the beginning of the game, I thought I had him when I rolled over a good half of his army, but I then failed (lots and lots of) crucial fear and terror checks to hand him the game by self-destructing my Executioners and BSB.  Stupidity failures led to my Knights piddling around in the woods for a good part of the game as well.  Basically, my dice went to hell on me.  I picked up a couple bonus points, but ended up with a small loss.

Game Five

So I entered Game Five against Jerry and his Bretonnians.  Jerry was a great opponent and I look forward to possibly playing against him in the future.  He beat me pretty good, pulling his main units back again and again to force me slowly across the field, while feeding me garbage until a good opportunity presented itself.  He caught my Executioners in the flank due to a forced charge, and managed to run them down.  My Hydra also pulled the very excited "Duh" response and stood in the middle of the table all game.  I continued to roll poorly, and lost a few combats that I felt good about going into, but that's the game.  Jerry did have the Green Knight, which I had never seen fielded (but always wanted to).  That sucker cleans out warmachines and archers nicely!  It was a fun game, but I lost with only a couple bonus points.

Wrap Up

So yeah, I ended up with two wins and three losses, which was a little harsh on the pride, but I can't say I've had more fun at a tournament in a good while!  The location was great, my opponents were all awesome, and it was really smoothly run.  Having watched a few disasters at ten man tourneys, it was cool to see almost forty folks play together nicely for two days.  I can't wait to go again next year!

Enter the year of Beastmen!

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