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Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Brawler Bash III This Weekend


Tomorrow I head to Brawler Bash III, an Indy Warhammer Fantasy GT run in Raleigh, NC.  Today is my day to get ready.  

Brawler Bash uses the WPS Comp system, which they utilize to divide armies into "bands".  Each band, from meanest to softest army, scores differently, with the most points given to people who play soft armies.  I went with the medium band with my Dark Elves, and am running:

Dreadlord with 1+ armor and reverse ward save with Soulrender (Great Weapon with Armor Piercing).
Hag BSB with ASF Banner, Manbane (S is 1 greater than opponent's toughness), and Witch Brew (units flanking or rear charging this unit do not get bonuses).
Hag with Cauldron

Two units of Dark Riders with Shields, Repeater Crossbows and Banner
Ten Crossbowmen

20 Black Guard with FC, Ring of Hotek
Six Cold One Knights with Standard of Slaughter
15 Executioners with FC
One Cold One Chariot

Two Repeater Bolt Throwers

So the Ring of Hotek is my only magic defense, which is rough, but I hope to quickly close with their army and force the issue.  

What I need to do today is:

Make movement trays for the oddly formed Executioner unit (seven wide) and the six man Cold One Knight Unit.  
Pack the Army.
Get all my other equipment together.  
Fix some paint scratches.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Best of luck dude. We hope to be seeing a nice set of reports when its all over. -__^