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Wednesday, March 3, 2010




Yesterday I managed to finish up painting Lug, one of my absolute favorite models from Privateer Press.  Heck, he's probably one of my favorite models from anywhere, and he was a blast to paint.  Not only that, but he after assembling GW's metal models the past couple weeks, Lug was a joy to put together, in that his pieces actually fit together with very little green stuff. 

You'll notice he's currently on a 40mm x 40mm square base.  This is because he's too cool to just play in Hordes, and is going to pull Minotaur duty as a Beastman (along with a lot of the other Minion models).  Rargh!


  1. This is such a sweet model and you've done a great job on him. My only complaint is that the blood is a little too red but everything else looks great.


  2. Looks great to me!

    What effect did you use to make the snow look so wet? Or is that simply a bi-product of taking the photo before the model dried completely?

  3. I make snow the standard way, with baking soda, pva glue, and water, but use more water and pva than usual, which makes the snow more slimy. I think you can get similar results by adding in hobby snow, which is shiny, to the mix. Dragging some over the grass helps the effect as well.