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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Help Me Define an Imperial Fists List

I'm looking to finish painting my Imperial Fists pretty soon, and was hoping to get some feedback on what you consider to be the units that would iconically fill out the army.  Here's what I have done, or will have done soon:

Ten Terminators
Two Tactical Squads
Land Raider Crusader

So I've got about 500 points left to paint up.  I'm thinking maybe some Sternguard and a Vindicator, but I'm very interested in options.


  1. Vindicators and Devastator squads come to mind. The Sternguard do have such gorgeous models though, which is usually enough for me.

  2. I see it as:
    - Either Kantor or Lysander (Lysander is the guy I use for a more 'Chapter Master' like guy, and Kantor is a captain... ironically)
    - Gun Line tanks (Whirlwinds, Vindicators)
    - Thunder Hammer Terminators
    - Masters of the Forge

  3. Sternguard and Vindicator. Those are the things you're missing. If you expand later, you'll definitely need to add a Whirlwind and Devastators.